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Friday, February 4, 2011

How bosses and doctors deal with trouble

Bosses and doctors and probably even elected politicians go to the same class. To deal with problems they are taught to do one of the following:

1. ignore the problem
2. Piss off the person
3. Tell each person what they want to hear

Example of 1.

Jane has approached her boss several times about a new job posting. The boss sent an email, "I'll get back to you." Her boss never did get back to her. She doesn't want to fill the position, so she just ignores Jane.

Example of 2.

Let's take holter monitors in the ER as an example. I see no reason they need to be done in the emergency room. There is no reason I need to use up my valuable time to set one up. So, I approach my boss.

He says, "I will talk to Dr. Pepper to see if we can remedy this problem.

The nice thing about it is there were only 2 holter monitors in our department. So if none were available we could just say, "I'm sorry, but..." and be on your way..

When approached, Dr. Pepper says, "I think if a doctor wants to do a holter one should be available. So I think you should buy 10 more holter monitors.

So since we brought up the problem the RT bosses pissed us off and made it worse for us.

Another example of this is I approached Dr. Mark to let her know the patient had been on treatments for three weeks and I didn't think they were indicated anymore. She taught me a lesson and changed the order to Q2 and add IPPB plus added mucomyst and pulmicort every other treatment.

Of course we have one doctor who every nurse is afraid to call no matter how serious the problem. She's very rude and says things like, "Why'd you bother calling me with that?" Then the

The third method is basically politics as usual. You talk to your boss about a problem and your boss tells you what you want to hear. Then another person approaches the boss about the same issue, and the boss tells that person what that person wants to hear.

Sure there's some lying going on. Yet the peace is kept. No waves are made. That is until you and your coworker get together some day to learn you were both told a different thing.

And nothing got done. No peace was really made. Yet so long as you and your coworkers don't communicate, the waves are calmed until the problem is forgoten about. At least that's the intent.

Of course there's also a fourth method.

A better way to run a business is by this method. Yet sometimes politics is the better part of valor.

Word of the day: Cacophonic: harsh discordance of sounds; a meaningless mixure of sounds

1. A cacophany of hoots, cackles and wails.

2. The cacophany of city traffic at rush hour.

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