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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Are bloggers considered journalists

Yes I was a journalist in the past, but not a very good one. The reason I bring this up is if for some reason I wrote "as a journalist" something on the RT Cave that the courts thought was wrongful, or if they believed I might have more information on my computer, Federal law makes it legal for the courts to confiscate my computer without a warrant.

So recently a reporter published articles on his own personal blog about a future iphone he purchased for $5,000 from some random person he met in a bar. If you want to know the details of this case you can click here and read the New York Time's Post.

Of course it was a prototype iphone, and not only was it not supposed to be sold, it was not supposed to be reported on. So, the question of the day brought up by the defenders of the blogger are, "Are bloggers journalists?"

The "blogger" was suspected of committing a felony. Sure, that sounds like a noble charge, yet do the courts have a right to take his computer without the proper warrants it would take to seize property of other Americans suspected of crimes.

I just thought this was interesting because many of us are bloggers, and we are just in this for fun, and to share our thoughts and expertise with an audience. We don't consider this to be a defensible hobby.

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