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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Eat well but you can still eat pizza and icecream

You know what I find funny or even ironic. The hospital I work for has a biggest loser contest, and I've been participating in it. Like a lot of us, for some reason I've been taking it serious-like. In fact, I've even shed a few pounds the past few months.

Yet, I show up at work today and there is ice cream and pizza down in the cafeteria for the night crew. It's actually part of appreciation for the nurses, but where I work RT is included in nursing care week. So is this considered a temptation. Am I supposed to risk the temptation?

As I wrote here, I have a rule that if I go to McDonald's, I eat whatever I want and I enjoy it. Likewise, I have a rule that if someone offers me food, I eat it. Of course, working for a hospital where there is free food all over the place (gifts from patients and doctors many times), you have to draw the line somewhere.

Quite often if it's a candy bar I put it in my locker in case I happen to have a free day when I'm working. I usually take a free day once a week where I don't exercise and I eat whatever I want, although now that I work mostly days and never work weekends anymore my free days are usually when I don't work.

That aside, I ate the pizza tonight and had a bowl of ice cream. I enjoyed every bit of it. Yep, lose weight, yet, oh by the way, here's a pizza and a bowl of ice cream.

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