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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

20 vices that might hold RTs back

Earlier I wrote about the 21 Virtues of respiratory therapy. In this post I will list the traits that might cause one to fail as a respiratory therapist.

The following traits might hold a respiratory therapist back

1. Ambition: There aren't many career advancement opportunities available
2. Melancholy: A gloomy state of mind usually doesn't fit in well with the medical profession
3. Choleric: Very irritable personality; easily upset; irascible; easily angered; RTs need to be cool and calm in stressful situations and in working with other people (See equanimity in the link above)
4. Controlling: Having power over other people and decision making; RTs need to be open minded and willing to accept that of which they have no control over. They need to be willing to complete doctor's orders they do not necessarily agree with.
5. Dogmatic: To be set in your way is the antithesis to success in the hospital setting, which is constantly changing.
6. Uncompassionate: If you hold a grudge, or are reluctant to forgive, you have no place working with people.
7. Undisciplined: If you are unable to act in accordance with the rules, especially rules you disagree with, you will fail as an RT.
8. Unconfident: This trait can actually grow in time, yet if you don't have confidence in your skills, or if you don't grow confident, or have the potential to grow, you will have a hard time succeeding.
9. Incompetence: Practice makes perfect. If you are incapable of growing as an RT, you will likely not succeed.
10 Unfriendly: You can be gauche (look it up), and you don't have to be social, yet you must be able to get along with others.
11. Materialistic: If your goal is to have everything, you may be very disappointed working in any field that involves helping people, as the reward of helping people usually comes at the expense of income. I'm sorry, that's just the way it is (exceptions for those who advance their careers by promotion, or sacrifice many years to advancing their education)
12. Unsympathetic: If you lack empathy, you better choose another path.
13. Filthy: Hey, if you can't keep yourself clean... get outa here!
14. Lazy: You might be able to get hired, but if you lack effort you'll lose favor with other RTs fast.
15. Listless: If you lack energy, you won't excel here.
16. Excuses: It doesn't matter if you're right or wrong, when you're accused of something, just keep your mouth shut and you'll be all right.
17. Complainers: You can probably still succeed as an RT, yet your department as a whole will not benefit if you choose to find fault. Read more about complainers here.

Keep in mind here that anybody can work in the medical field. All personalities have something to add to the mix.

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