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Saturday, September 11, 2010

No stereotypes where I work

There was this show my wife and I were watching where these people were having a person with a saw try to remove the chain off a locked up bike. They wanted to see if anyone would stop and try to stop it.

They had a white male person do this, and nobody stopped.

They had a white female do this, and some stopped to help her.

They had a black male do this, and many stopped to stop him.

So, as you can see, this proves our stereotype. Black people are treated differently than whites.

I thought of this because I saw a white lady looking lost in the halls of Shoreline, and I helped her find her way.

I saw a scraggly looking white guy, and I helped him find his way.

I saw black man and woman, and I helped them find their way.

I saw a Mexican woman, and I helped him find his way.

There, no stereotypes here. Every person I saw who looked lost, regardless of race or creed, was helped.

Now, you have to give me an exception for those times I'm burned out. Yet today I'm not burned out, and the help I give is equal.

This is work though. If I'm out in public, would I be willing to help a person out? Or would it be easier to not be inconvenienced? One can only know when the moment arises.

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