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Friday, September 3, 2010

Don't go on the defense

There's an old rule in the business world that you should stay on offense and avoid the defense. In fact, while defense might win Super Bowls, it can make you look downright immature in the real world.

First of all, I don't think it's professional of anyone to put an accusative finger in another person's face. Yet it happens. And when it does, your job is to keep your mouth shut. You can defend yourself, but do that later not now. And don't mumble under your breath either.

Look, I know this is easier said than done. In fact, just yesterday one doctor said to another, "You need to chart this and that and this and that!!!!" The doctor on the defense mumbled under his breath, "What are you? The chart police!!!"

The doctor on the defense here was, in my opinion, in the right. Yet he looked like a fool on the defense. By his mumbling and grumbling he lost a little respect.

Another example was my co-worker Tim. I watched as the RT boss came up to him and said, "You didn't chart Atrovent with your last treatment. And you never charted Mr. Atwood's treatment at 10:00 yesterday."

My co-worker said, "Yeah, but I was at a code at that time. I couldn't get to the treatment. I... I... I..."

Ahhhhh!!!! Don't you know, Tim, that RT Cave Rule #45 states that you should never go on the defense because it can only make you look like a fool. When you're accused of something, even if you are right, keep your mouth shut and take the hit. Do not make excuses!!!

I can think of many instances when I broke this rule, especially back when I was a green horn RT. I never won. I never won even when I was right. In fact, nothing good can come of making excuses, even if the excuse is a good one.

My kids make excuses all the time too. And, quite frankly, we all do. It's probably a natural instinct to want to defend ourselves, especially when we are right, or don't want to be seen as doing something wrong.

We also don't like to be put on the spot. Yet we need to learn that being put on the spot is something that's going to happen a lot to us in life, and we need to learn to keep our mouth's shut when this happens. Even though it's hard, we need to keep our cool.

Likewise, if you really have a need to defend yourself, perhaps because you're a new worker and you want to clear the water, approach your boss in a professional manner at a later date and time.

If you have good character, and keep your mouth shut, the truth will eventually come out. And you'll look all the better for it. So, in the mean time, do your job the best you can, keep your mouth shut, don't make excuses, take the hit, and get back to work with your head held high.
RT Cave Rule #45: Even when you are right, and someone accuses you of doing wrong, keep your mouth shut and take the hit. So long as you're a good worker, your good character will be visible to all in the end.

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