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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lanoxin and Coumadin now work as opiates?

The patient said: "Gosh, Rick!" She looked at me with big, happy eyes peering over the tight bipap mask. "Whatever that nurse gave me, whether it was xanax or morphine, really helped me relax. I feel so much better now. I feel like I can tolerate this mask, the flow of air, so much better now."

"Awesome," I said.

I made sure the patient was settled, made sure she didn't need anything further, left the room, and approached the nurse, "Yeah, she said whatever you gave her really helped her relax."

"Well," the nurse said, smiling, "It was either coumadin or Lanoxin, because that's all I've given her."

"Well, I guess whatever works," I said.

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