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Thursday, December 24, 2009

My daughter's revelation

I don’t know about you, my fellow asthmatics, but I bought my current home because I thought it would best help me on my quest to becoming a Gallant Asthmatic. I didn’t really have Santa Clause on my mind at the time.

Yet this morning my 6-year-old daughter had a revelation. She looked up at my wife with her cute little eyes and said, “So, mommy, how is Santa going to deliver my American Girl Doll if we don’t have a fireplace anyway?”

My wife humbly said, “He’ll use his magic to get into the front door.”

“Oh! Okay!” My daughter said, and then went about her business.

1 comment:

kerri said...

I love kids. They make me smile :).
(Hence why I work at a daycare, but you know ;) ).

Hope you and your family had a great Christmas!