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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Disclaimer #3

Today I'd like to list the rules of the RT Cave:

1. I have nothing to do with the ads that appear on my blog, so if you see something that offends you keep this in mind.

2. The #1 purpose for this blog is to share RT ideas, facts, opinions and humor so we can all learn in a pithy and/or entertaining manner.

3. This blog is published, edited and written by one lone night shift respiratory therapist who works full time, has three kids, and whose main mission on this planet is not as a writer, but as a husband and a dad.

4. If the author ignored his priorities (as mentioned above in #3), he would be able to delve deeper into a broader array of topics. This would be great for you guys and I'd love to do it, but it would come at the expense of time with my family, and that wouldn't be good, nor wise.

5. Due to #3 above, on occasion an error, typo, or inaccuracy may slip through the cracks. Keep in mind the editor (who's also the author) reads, re-reads, re-reads again, and again most posts. Although due to time factors, this sometimes does not occur.

6. While this isn't ideal, on occasion the publisher (who's also the writer) decides getting an idea out is more important than having an error less publication.

7. The editor has a minor in English, and therefore knows the difference between their and there. Yet, his publisher insists that he not edit while writing. Since the editor often shows up during kid time, he sometimes misses the boat at the expense of #6 above.

8. Due to #2 above, on occasion my political views become as obvious as a neon sign in a small town. While the editor makes a gallant attempt to limit this, on occasion it is necessary to make a point.

9. Besides, this is a blog, which (according to is "an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page."

10. I invite comments, and this includes criticism, praise, opinions, ideas, praise, ideas, praise, thoughts, praise...

11. The editor is committed to deleting any personal attacks. Thankfully these come seldom.

12. The publisher (who's also the writer and editor) tries to maintain a schedule for what gets posted what day, although he often violates this policy for the sake of sharing ideas that are seeping from the writer's pores and dying to get on this screen.

12. The authors writings often reflect his mood for the day. For example, if he's working he's often inclined to write about work related things. If he is on vacation he's more likely to write about something like asthma or other.

13. The frequency and length of posts often reflects upon how busy the author is. If he is burned out from working, his writings won't be as involved as when he is working and has no patients to take care of.

14. The publisher, writer and author (otherwise known as me, myself and I) try to cater to all his audiences on a regular basis, although sometimes he gets on a roll. A perfect example is last week the writer (me) didn't feel like writing about asthma, and today he doesn't feel like writing the next installment of his asthma story (that should come tomorrow).

15. I imagine these rules are true for most blogger.

I think it's important to remind my readers of this once in a while.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rick,

I really enjoy your blog, and your sense of humor, and I'm also glad your wife and kids are your first priority. Wanting to have a family and work full time someday I appreciate anyone who's trying to stike some sort of balance in their life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rick,

As an aspiring RT student that has made it through her first year - I really enjoy reading about everything you write. Keep it coming!

ps. Do you use HFOV or APRV in your hospital? Could you point me to any sites for more information? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences. As a mom of 4 returning to school and trying to decide between nursing and respiratory, I love reading first-hand opinions of what it is like.

Anonymous said...

Was somebody an asshole about a type? If so, that person needs some medical attention of an unpleasant kind immediately. I mean really, it is a blog.