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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Here we are working on our holliday off


Today might perhaps be my last opportunity to complain about the holliday work schedule, because Jane Sage has informed me that she will retire sometime between November 1010 and March 1010.

So, chances are, for better or for worse, I will be going to days and then I will be able to have every other holliday off like everyone else.

It's funny that today is supposed to be my holliday off and here I am at work, and it's been busy tonight. My heart just isn't in it. I am having trouble being joyful as I plop that neb into the mouths of people who are not short of breath. It's hard not to grumble every time my pager goes off.

I figured tonight would be a good night being a holliday and all, but that hasn't been the case at all as my pager has gone off every 15 minutes all night. In fact, it just went off agian. This time it says: "Come down to ER and play in 2-3 minutes." Hmm, who know what this will be.

Dog gone it, now it's beeping again... "Come to ER please!" I guess they're getting impatient. Be back...

Turned out to be a false alarm. That's good.

So, here I am working on my holiday on. I don't know how they do the night shift Holiday schedule where you work, but here at Shoreline the Holiday is the night before the Holiday, and the 4th of July is not considered the Holiday.

While all my friends are enjoying a picnic, and... oh, about a half hour from now the fireworks, here I am.

I don't really want to work days, but it sure would be nice to have the holidays off. And it's not even about me, because my kids would sure love their dad home for the holidays.

That aside, HAVE A GREAT 4TH OF JULY! And I'm going to go out now and get all my 10:00 treatments done as fast as I can so I can watch the fireworks from a window in the critical care. Chow.

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Glenna said...

That sucks to have to work holidays when you have kids, especially small ones. We have to work a certain amount of holidays too but I always try to volunteer or trade with anyone who has small kids and wants to for family things. It's no big deal to me since we don't have kids and I'd rather have the money. :-)

Happy 4th anyway!