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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My answer to your queries

Each week I check my statcounter to see who's typing things into Google or Yahoo and being linked to my RT Cave blog. I provide this spot each week to make sure no query goes unanswered.

Today's focus is on random questions.

1. infants drinking albuterol for cold: Bad idea.

2. breaths prevent pneumonia: Yes it's true. Check out this post.

3. respiratory therapist buy a nice house support family: Sounds like a great idea.

4. copd/ should i use my inhaler before or after i jog: It depends on what you and your doctor decide is best for you. Some doctors will have you preteat yourself with Ventolin before you exercise to prevent exercise induced asthma. However, if you are short of breath after exercising, you might need to use it then too.

5. 'perfection is in itself'': How this got someone to my "imperfect" blog I have no idea. Yet, a wise friend of mine has a saying: "Perfection in itself is a flaw. Therefore, since I am flawless, I am not perfect."

6. is it ok to mix mucomyst with duonebs: Well, technically speaking it is okay. We do it that way because some doctors order it. However, I think doctors who order this should be aware of the fact Atrovent (in Duoneb) has a drying effect on secretions, while the mucomyst has a wettening effect on secretions. So, ordering mucomyst and Atrovent is like ordering betablockers and beta adrenergics on the same patient at the same time.

7. can burning feeling in chest be sign of asthma: Yes. Click here for some other signs.

8. should albuterol be given to aid in expectorate: It's ordered that way by doctors all the time. If the patient is having trouble expectorating because of bronchospasm, then I'd say yes. However, if the patient is not having bronchospasms Albuterol will have no effect.

9. albuterol for fluid reabsorption: Albuterol does not absorb anything. But when doctors order it for patients diagnosed with pneumonia, pleural effusion and pulmonary edema, it makes you wonder if they think it does absorb fluid.

10. long term effects from asthma: If you have a good doctor, take your medicines exactly as directed, and have a good asthma action plan that you follow to a tee, you should be able to live a normal, active life. Likewise, the average lifespan of asthmatics is the same as those without asthma -- 80 years.

11. why do rns think they are better then rt: Because they are. Everybody knows that. I always tell my coworkers that if I were any smarter I'd be a nurse.

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