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Friday, March 27, 2009

The smartest doctors in the world: part 3

I was busted thinking again.

There has been more than once on this blog I've mentioned how I think holter monitors are not an ER procedure. I think that if a patient is so "questionable" that monitoring needs to be done, the patient should be admitted and placed on overnight telemetry.

If the patient is stable, then he can come back during the day time to have a holter hooked up by the people who are hired to do it.

I said to my boss that it's not that I don't want to do holters, nor that I do not like doing them in the ER, it's that I don't have time to do them.

"But the doctor ordered them?" she said to me.

"But..." I grumbled, "Just because a doctor orders something doesn't mean it's indicated."

Needless to say I was put in my place. I was lectured like a 1st grader who said his first swear word.

You see, I was rightfully so put in my place. I was wrong. And I realize that now that I have been informed the IQs of any doctor hired here at Shoreline is 200 (click here for part1 & 2).

Now I know my folly. Now I know never to question the brilliance of these doctors. Now I know that I shouldn't think, but rely on the brilliance of the doctors.

To punish me for thinking, the RT boss purchased nine more holter monitors. She did this so that I could never say again to the ER doc, "I'm sorry, but we are out of holters tonight."

No more excuses. One should learn never to question a doctor. After all, they did go through medical school and you did not.

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Anonymous said...

You know better than to think don't you! You are PAID to just blindly do as you are told and accept the blame when something goes wrong, did you forget the programing youreceived from Miss Boss...