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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Quote of the day

How about a 5 YO daughter quote to end the New Year. This is not RT related, but my daughter is related to me.

My daughter was put in time out. She said, "I'm gonna just get up and walk to my room. You know I can do it because I have feet."

After my wife and I presented my daughter with some new house rules, she said to my wife: "And I have some new rules for you too, mom. No more taking the door knob off my door, and no more carrying me to time out."

Regarding the new rules, my 10 YO said to me: "And for you, there will be no more fighting with mom over stupid things. If you don't like the popsickles she buys you can just keep your mouth shut."

I took my lecture like a good dad.

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