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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The strangeness of hospital life

Only in an emergency room would they put salsa in an emesis basin sitting next to the chips on the counter. Yep, only in an ER near you.

Yep. Only in a hospital will you have people working around a lady who is puking, and moments later dip into that salsa.

Yep. Only in a hospital will you dip into that emesis basin with a crunchy chip with the sound of dry heaves in the background.

Yep. Only in a hospital will you suction gross, thick, green tinged secretions from a patient and moments later be eating dinner.

I suppose stranger things have happened in the long history of the planet.

1 comment:

Trauma Junkie said...

That's pretty funny.

I used to drink apple juice out of a urinal and there was this one (male) nurse who used to eat enchiladas out of those trays they put the placentas in after delivery.