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Monday, November 24, 2008

The one I will not name

It was the middle of the night
Patients all tucked in tight.
All our work was done
It was time for some fun.

Dig into the pot luck to feed,
Or grab a good book to read;
Play a card game if you will.
The boss will flip the bill.

Weary eyed were all staff,
Makes for funny chaff,
While we eat our snacks,
feet up on the racks.

Then the morning hours come
Lots of work, we better run.
A treatment here, another there
I am wanted everywhere.

Keep on moving -- huff huff.
Patient's laboring -- puff puff .
From my pocket I pull my elixir ,
As I work to try to fix her.

Amid a whir and a white mist
Not one treatment did I miss
From room to room I run
Complaints there were none.

Until end of shift report time came .
In came someone I will not name.
She had a gloomy disposition
Everything was an imposition

My good mood so suddenly sinks,
as I watch her sullen blinks.
I try not to let her get to me,
But that's hard to do, you see.

The boss, oh, she was out to get her
Nothing but an ornery cur.
Twisted into back of Amy the knife
'Cause Amy was out to ruin her life.

Enter Amy, and grouchy smiles
Gossip stretches out for miles.
She turns to me and says "I'm so tired."
I think, "She slept, she should be wired."

I then go home and sleep a lot.
I say good-bye and kiss my tot.
Through the sleet and sludge
It's off to work I trudge.

There sat grouchy, face all taut
With the negativity she wrought.
She said, "Oh, I was so, so busy."
These complaints made me dizzy.

She said, while her eyelids twitch,
"I hate Amy, she is a bitch.
She wants us to be faultless.
It makes me feel so worthless.

"Mike, he's just a dummy,
He's the bosses chummy.
He never gets in trouble
Like he lives in a bubble

"He's a hard worker," I think
I could go for a drink.
She's a very sullen person.
Judge and make it worsen.

She said, "This whole day was really bad,
It was busy, and it made me so, so sad."
She was in a silly tizzy,
And said, "You will be busy."

I said, "Oh, don't worry, I'll be fine,
Then I had to listen to her wine.
"You will have a crappy night."
I was so, so tired of her mite.

Yet I kept my mouth shut tight
Unlike her, I hated a fight.
I listened. No words did I say.
I only work with her one day.

She took my silence as a clue,
"The grumpy one is you."
NO! It's not me it's you fool!
You're the grapevine spool!

Yet that I did not say.
Kept my cool anyway.
Gloom was a heavy weight.
But I did not take the bate.

With a frown and a yawn,
She's all of a sudden gone.
The tension lifts from the room
And with it all the gloom.

They say one should not judge,
Lest we ourselves be judged
From the one I will not name
We learn it's dumb to complain

Because those who complain,
The one I will not name,
Say more about themselves
than those complained about.

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