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Monday, October 6, 2008

Is soul separate from human body???

Many people have experienced near death experiences.

A new study being performed in the U.S. and U.K. will attempt to prove that the human conscience is separate from the body.

He feels a sudden, crushing pain in his chest, left arm, and his chin and fingertips feel numb. He watches anxiously as two nurses poke and prod at either arm with needles. He listens to the audible din of chatter of the medical staff around him, but he can't make out anything they are saying.

His head feels prodigious and his limbs and head feel tingly. In the blink of an eye he feels himself floating above the lights and now the pain, the tingling is gone. He can see the doctor standing at the foot of the bed touching a bare foot with one gloved hand, and holding a chart in the other. "Let's try some Epi," he says.

He watches as the nurse wearing light blue scrubs with Bart, Lisa, Hover, and Marge Simpson plastered randomly over the material inserts a syringe into an IV port of the young, naked man lying on the ER cart. He looks up at her face and spots a middle aged lady with a long crooked nose.

"Are you tired yet?" the Simpson nurse said. She is looking across the naked man at a man so young he didn't look like he belonged in this room. This young man, however, had what must be the most important job of all: he was performing chest compressions on the naked man. "I'm fine," he said.

This young man was wearing a white lab coat over navy blue scrubs. He had a finely combed and thick head of hair and his name tag read "Jeff...student Respiratory Therapist."

Jeff's head bobs up and down with the flow of his hands thump, thump, thumping on the chest. Our conscience now travels down Jeff's arms, to his hands which are pressed together between the naked man's nipples. Looking up beyond the neck, we can make out a head with a mask over it and more hands over the mask.

As our conscience is about to take a peek at this person's face, everything goes black. Now we see a spiralling tunnel that seems dark at first, and then we see a light. There seems to be a sense of joy -- euphoria -- as we get closer to the light

Suddenly we see two forms near the light. As we get closer we can see that those aren't just any forms, but those of people who look familiar.

Then everything goes black.

That's how it stays for a long time until later the next day he wakes up the next day to the din of beeps and soft chatter. He tries to speak but cannot. He has a tube in his throat. He feels like he has to pee.

Weeks later he is sitting up in his bed and a young student RT enters his room. "I remember you," the patient said.

"You do?" the student says.

"Yes. I remember you were doing CPR on me."

"You remember THAT! How could that be?" He seemed excited.

The patient explained in explicit detail the events that occurred WHILE HE WAS UNCONSCIOUS and experiencing his NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE.

This is a very common scenario.

Scientists are now placing in random hospitals a shelf very high in emergency rooms where similar events such as this might happen. And they are placing objects on those shelves that are impossible for any human to see.

So, if a patients wakes up from a near death experience and is able to identify the contents of those shelves, scientists will have proof that the conscience -- the soul, the spirit -- is a separate entity from the human body.


Amy said...

WOW...this is fascinating. Do you have a link? I'd love to read more.

Freadom said...

I thought it was fascinating too. I actually heard it on Paul Harvey Jr. this morning.

Amy said...

Thanks! I'm gonna search around for a link--I love the idea of "testing" the theory with high shelves.

Freadom said...

I searched to no avail. If you find something let me know.