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Sunday, July 20, 2008

An RN kills her RT husband

When I woke up today my wife told me she watched an interesting news program on TV last night. She said it was particularly interesting because the program was about a nurse who was married to a respiratory therapist, just like she is an RN and I'm an RT.

Only, this couple was newsworthy because the RN wife was accused of killing her RT husband.

She may even have gotten away with it, my wife said, if the wife hadn't lied. He was dead, his bed was burned, and all they had against her was circumstantial evidence.

Well, obviously she was going to lie about the murder. Of course "I didn't' do it" applied to her as much as it did to OJ. The problem with her story was that she said she did not leave the hospital during her shift, and the video surveillance camera clearly showed her leaving and returning 17 minutes later.

If she had told the truth, her lawyer probably could have argued that she couldn't possibly have left the hospital, poisoned her husband with whatever drug is used to put people under during surgery, set the bed on fire, and returned to work in 17 minutes.

But she lied. So, anything she said would be thought of as a lie. And, therefore, the jury decided that she did it. She was found guilty of murder.

They decided that she had intended to set the entire house on fire, but she set the bed on fire and that's all that burned. So, they had a body and were able to do testing on it and end of story.

Anyway, I told my wife I'm hoping she didn't watch that show to learn what not to do when she kills her RT husband.

"Yep," she said, "I won't lie."

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