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Friday, May 9, 2008

RT Cave Lexicon

Dragons: These are the bosses or hospital administrators. If you want to learn more about these unique individuals click here, click here and then click here. These individuals all where suit coats, and will usually present with smile and, of course, they will want a hug or a hand shake. They love money. Everything is all about money. They want every i to be dotted and every t crossed so as to make as much money for the hospital as possible. They want to keep the worker bees just Happy enough so they want to keep working, they also want to make sure money keeps flowing in.

Queen Mother Bees: These are all the supervisors. They take the heat from the worker bees so the dragons don't have to deal with piddly little things; like things that don't involve money. One of their biggest responsibilities is doing the schedule, and they often get pounded by unhappy bees if the schedule is not to the respective bees liking. While they get paid just a smidge more than worker bees, they get paid way less than the dragons. Yet, while these are usually aspiring dragons, they do not complain. Now, it also must be noted that Queen Mother Bees are often in a money mindset just like dragons. For example, you are not allowed to have overtime, because the farther under budget she keeps the department, the bigger the dragon's bonus at the end of the year. This is probably the most stressful job in the hospital and the least respected, as while the worker bees come at her with their problems, the Queen is also getting constant "heat" from the dragons to keep the department under budget. This is actually a lose lose job. But someone has to do it.

Worker Bees: These are all the Peon RNs, RTs, environmental experts, computer whizzes, x-ray techs, lab staffers, and all the other individuals who swarm around the hospital making the place look good so the dragons can make their annual bonuses.

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