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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another doctor sees things my way

When I started out as an RT, I was told when I did an EKG to take it directly to the doctor, even if you have to hunt the doctor down. That was when I was a student.

Then, after I was hired here at Shoreline, and I continued to hunt doctors down, I was lectured by one doctor about how I didn't need to do that. So, for the next five years I did the EKG and put it on the chart, unless it was one that needed to be seen right away.

Ultimately, however, we had a massive Dr. turnover in the ER, and now we have two doctors who require that we RTs hunt them down, Dr. Krane, of whom I work with most often, is one of them. So here I am after doing an EKG, running around like a little kid hunting the doctor down to show him an EKG I know is normal.

However, last week a new doctor (Dr. Click) and the nurses kept ordering EKGs, and I kept handing them to the doc. Then, as I was handing her the 6th EKG in an hour, I observed she had a whole stack of EKGs on the table next to her. And she said, "Rick, you don't need to hunt me down every time you do an EKG. I trust you to know when a person is having a heart attack."

Wow. I was so impressed I thought I could shout with joy. After ten years in this profession, and five years of hunting doctor Krane down, this doctor confirms that I am smart enough to know what an MI looks like.

I would like Dr. Click to have a word with Dr. Krane and knock some sense into her.

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