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Monday, March 31, 2008

My response to your websearch queries

Here is my weekly response to your Internet search engine questions.

  1. usually what do an rt do for a patient with pneumothorax: You mean what does an RT do? We pretty much provide supportive care. We might be at his side in case airway management is indicated until he is stabilized with a chest tube. Some of my co-workers have assisted in inserting one before, I haven't.
  2. what is the difference between albuterol and atrovent: Albuterol is a rescue inhaler, while Atrovent is used more as preventative bronchodilator.

  3. challenges in respiratory therapy: There are many. Any part of the medical field can be challenging. This is what makes it so fun.

  4. advair how many days does it take to take effect: 7-10

  5. death respiratory therapists: What's your question?

  6. respiratory therapist sucks: Here's this statement again. I'll just ignore it.

  7. what happens to a copd patient if given too much oxygen: Only 10 percent of COPD patients are CO2 retainers. So, for 90% of COPD patients nothing. However, I have found much research to counter the

  8. advantages of mist tents over nasal cannula: None. I see no reason why not simply use a nasal cannula.

  9. how many respiratory therapists does a community hospital need? Depends on size of community.

  10. copd confused with something else: It happens.

  11. why use ventolin to bring down potassium: I ask the same question.

  12. dread going to work': Sometimes. That's normal I suppose.

  13. how long does it take albuterol to get out of ur system: It should have a relatively immediate effect.

  14. copd peak flow: Not recommended. Usually the peek flows get worse after treatments.

  15. albuterol weight loss: I wish.

  16. duoneb given with spiriva: I've seen it done on occasion, but it's probably more of an oversight. If a patient on Spiriva happens to have an exacerbation, I see no problem giving Duoneb in the emergency room. However, I've seen no studies done on this.

  17. ventolin suicidal thoughts: I've never heard of it.

  18. respiratory therapist are stupid: Are we?

  19. singulair ards: I have never heard of a connection.

  20. singulair blood brain barrier: Ventolin is the only medicine that can cross the blood brain barrier. Just kidding.

  21. what is normal for 22 years old peak flow meter?: It depends on how tall he is. However, he can determine his own normal value by blowing into it daily for two weeks when he's healthy to get his own personal best.

  22. a paper on respiratory therapy: I will not write it for you.

  23. what make one respiratory therapist better than another respiratory therapist: Expereince, patience, the ability to use common sense, ability to prioritize, personality, etc.

  24. did teddy roosevelt have asthma: yes
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Amy said...

Wow, that #5---that could be anything. Are peak flow numbers also partially determined by weight/height? For some reason I thought so, but maybe I'm thinking of something else.

Freadom said...

That's a predicted number, but that's like saying every person who is 5 feet tall will have the same peek flow reading. I think it's best, as I learned in school, to not go by the predicted value calculated by some formula, and have each person find their own personal best by blowing in the pf meter morning and night for two weeks when he or she is feeling well. That's a personal best and, to me, a more reliable number to go by.

This is my humble opinion of course.

Anonymous said...

Regarding #7 it is impossible to administer too much oxygen to anyone via a cannula. So says the chief RT on EFFORTS listserve. You can search our archives at