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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The arduous trip home

It seems we check the weather channel while here in Fla more times that time rest of the year combined. We'll be on the road the next few days gambling with the weather.

If things don't go our way we'll make it a two day trip instead of two. We're not making a big deal of it either way, considering the boy had two snow days last week and is ahead of his class (probably) on his homework. His mother is very good about making sure he keeps up while we're away.

Well, the next time I report I'll be back in Shoreline. Hopefully my nice neighbor kept my driveway plowed. If now, I might be digging through 10 feet of snow to shovel out my house.

I'm not joking there. I was told the snow was as high as the railings on the steps to the front door. Should be fun.

Heck, we have fun no matter what we do.


icanseeclearlynow said...

wow. the neighbor was expected to shovel in your absence? was their cash exchanged? or first borns promised? amazing. if they did that for you, consider yourself fortunate. seriously.



Freadom said...

He plows snow for a living. We love to baby sit his little boy, and my wife bakes cookies in return.