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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Webkins take over my Internet time

Santa Clause made a mistake this year, and gave both my kids Webkins. Now, in their spare time, they are constantly begging to get on the Internet.

Then again, kids have a lot of spare time, so there's a lot of begging going on here, especially by my 4 YO to go to

My wife decided to be nice to her yesterday and let her play on the site, and then she told me she was leaving to go shopping. I figured while she was so entertained I'd just continue with my task of cleaning the basement.

"Dadda, I need your help," she shouted down the stairs. So much for getting this done.

"What now?" I said, feigning annoyance.

"I have something on the 'puter that I don't know what it is. I need your help."

It's hard for a dad to say no to a cute little girl, so I proceeded up the stairs. I stood behind her, leaned over to look at the screen. At first the screen appeared overwhelming, as there were about a hundred different things going on at once, but then I saw what her dilemma was.

"Um, if you want to buy stuff you need to have money."


"Yeah. Money." I knew a little bit about the website. That she had an online room that her pet lives in. And she has to buy various stuff for the room, such as furniture, windows, decorations, beds, toys to entertain the animal and even food. Oh, and the cat gets sick sometimes, so she had to take it to the Webkin's doctor.

Anyway, I guess it's a whole world there for that kitty. And, to make money, you have to play games. And, based on points made during the various games, you earn money.

"Do you want me to make some money for you?" I was in a good mood.


So here I sat for the next half hour playing games. I got addicted to one game I thought was cool. In case you've ever been to the site it's called Cash Cow.

"Daddy, can I play now," she finally said.

"No! I'm busy."

"Please, daddy. I want to play."

"Oh, all right, as soon as this game is over." I plucked myself away from the game and let her play, and proceeded to my project in the basement.

Three minutes later: "Daddy, I'm ready to buy stuff now."

Oh, all right. "I'll be right up."

If you know four-year-olds, she wanted to buy everything in stock. Finally she settled on buying a window -- a window of all things.

"Are you sure that's what you want," I said, not wishing to sway her decision, even though I was thinking she should, perhaps, buy food to feed her pet.

"Definitely," she said, "That is absolutely, definitely what I want." She smiled.

I showed her where to click to finish the process, and then she urged me to win her some more money. I got addicted again.

Thanks Santa.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Santa made the same mistake over here too. I don't get hooked all that easily, but it does eat into my blog-reading time! lol.

Djanvk said...

Yep my Girl's each have 2 to 3 of them from birthdays and Xmas this year, I get the same thing about wanting to get on the computer. Mine are 10 and 10 now. So they do it themselves. Watch out for Club Penguin also....It's like a kids Online continous world.