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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Your Respiratory Therapy Search Engine Queries: Here are the responses from the RT Cave

I don't really spend a lot of time checking my stat counter, but about once a week I check it out for fun just to see who's been clicking on my blog. One of my favorite things to do while I'm there is click on "Recent Keyword Activity."

This is where my stat counter records what was typed into a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, that led someone to clicking on my website. A few of the searches have nothing to do with respiratory, such as "Scratchy Neck," but the majority are respiratory related.

As I glance through the list, I wonder if that person had his question or concern answered. And, I think, they should just email me and I'd give them a legitimate reply, or at least I could tell them I don't know.

The reason I think this way is that some of these questions could only possibly be answered by an RT. So, with that in mind, I have listed some of the "recent keyword activity," and my humble responses.
  1. "blowing into computer for respiratory": Um, I have no clue.

  2. "Itchy neck pain": Um, how did that cause Google to link you to me.

  3. "Duoneb pediatrics": Some studies show it works well in ER. Other than that I'd recommend just Albuteral. Personally, though, I don't see what it would hurt.

  4. "Doctor doesn't believe in Peek flow meters: The doctor is a fool to disregard the benefits of a peek flow meter. It's a great tool to use in asthmatics to measure the effect of a breathing treatment, and to be an adequate tool to determine when to use a rescue inhaler, go to the doctor, or come here to the ER.

  5. "Persistent croup": You can try the shower. You can taking the child outside in the cool air because many times it goes away on the way to the hospital. But don't be afraid to come in and get checked out. That's why we are here.

  6. "Will Ventolin harm you if taken unprescribed": NO. However, I would not recommend it. If you have a need for Ventolin, you should go see your doctor.

  7. "Does Albuterol Help Crackles?": No. The medicine particle size is too large to even get down in to the colapsed alveoli, and even if it did it wouldn't be able to re inflate it. But this is a great question, because often doctors prescribe Albuterol for this.

  8. "Needle shot stings": Yes.

  9. "How to write BiPap orders": With a pen in the doctors order section. It works best if you write the doctor's name followed by your signature. Plus I'd write "RT to set up BiPap to patient tolerance." Seriously, every patient is different, and every patient tolerates BiPap differently. That's how we write the order where I work.

  10. "House filled with smoke from fireplace fever coughing": I would recommend not having the fire in the fireplace if it causes you to have trouble breathing due to it. It may cause you to cough, but it will not cause the fever. However, if you do have a respiratory illness, it may exacerbate your problem. Also note that it is not uncommon for smoke to bother people with respiratory illnesses.

  11. "Respiratory therapy one treatment at a time": I would recommend it, but sometimes you will have no choice. If your patient takes nebs at home, or if the nebs are not indicated, then you should be okay doing more than one treatment at a time, just make sure you are only one or two rooms away. This is where it really comes in handy to know your patient. However, if you are new at this, or not sure, then you should definitely do one at a time.

  12. "I hate respiratory therapists": What's your point.

  13. "Breathing treaments for pneumonia": Same as for the question on atelectasis above: Albuterol does not get down to the alveoli. Besides, Albuterol relaxes bronchiolar muscles, and there are no bronchiolar muscles in the alveoli anyway. However, if the pneumonia causes bronchospasm, the treatment might work. Usually the first treatment in ER does the trick. If I were a doctor, I'd order Albuterol Q4 prn for these patients so we can give a treatment if indicated.

  14. "Coughing spasms albuterol": If it's caused by bronchospasm then Albuterol is a good idea, othersise what's the point. Albuterol will not cause someone to stop coughing if it is not caused by bronchospasm. Personally, I'd try one and see what happens. It's a safe medicine.

  15. "COPD on BiPAP": It works. And if it keeps them off the vent, you'll be happy and so will the patient. I've kept many patients off the vent by using a BiPaP. The big problem here is patient compliance. You will have to do a good job of explaining and be very patient with the patient.
  16. "How long are patients intubated for": Depends on how long it takes them to recover. Depends on how sick they are. Many times, with the new microprocessor ventilators, it takes only one or two days. But every patient is different. If you are the family of someone currently on a vent, you should talk to the RT for an explanation.

  17. "Do you give breathing treatment for cough congestion?": Yes, many doctors do. But Albuterol is technically speaking indicated for bronchospasm only.

  18. "Where should one live with asthma": While there was once an advantage to living in dry areas like Arizona, research shows that this is no longer a benefit due to air polution.

  19. "Why do people need to be intubated": I like to tell people that they, or family member, need to be intubated to get over the hump when they are really having trouble breathing. It allows their lungs to rest. Unlike in the movies, it is also indicated when someone goes into cardiac arrest. It is also done during certain surgeries, if someone is comatose to prevent aspiration, bronchoscopy, or you can check Wikipedia for more information.

  20. "Tips for being a great respiratory therapist: Be patient. Don't be afraid to let other people take credit for your ideas. Do your homework. Most important, have fun with your patients and enjoy your job.

Well, I could go on, but I figure I had best stop at 20. There were many that I chose not to list here just because I saw via the stat counter that the person was linked to one of my articles where I know they would have found the answer if they read it.

Perhaps I'll make this a regular feature on this blog.


Wendy said...

There is a lot of good information here. It's good that you are sharing your knowledge with people who need answers.
Wish I was as technically savvy as you (Stat counter, etc.) I will put a link to this blog on mine.

As the COPD patients say "Smell the rose, blow out the candle"!

Freadom said...