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Thursday, January 10, 2008

One more night to go...

I'm burned out today, as this is my 8th day in the past 12 that I've worked. I have to admit I haven't been necessarily busy, but nonetheless I feel the usual burn. Usually when I feel this way the powers that be find a way to keep me busy, and that seems to be the case so far tonight.

I have a lot that I want to write about, but the right words just don't seem to want to display themselves on this screen. And then when I do get into a groove ER pages me and I have to drop my train of thought and rush down there. I certainly don't want to make them wait because I'm blogging -- God forbid.

I'm sitting here writing about nothing and I still can't get words out. We here in the RT cave have a nice view of the parking lot, and I'm sitting here watching the snow pour down on my car. I'd say there's at least a six inch blanket of snow covering it now. In the morning I'm going to have to go out there and freeze.

However, I'd rather be out there and on my way home to snuggle under my warm blankets than in here right now. The clock seems to go slow when I'm burned out. I find that to be true no matter how busy I am.

Tomorrow, Friday, is my first day off of six in a row, and that's something to look forward to. Carrie has to work the next three days in OB, but that will give me quality time to spend with the kids. Rather, I'm going to play Zelda on my son's Nintendo DS, and the kids can entertain themselves.

I kind of lost interest in games the past 10 years or so. Rather, I suppose I grew up. But now that my son is old enough to be interested in the same games I used to like, I've found myself playing them on occasion again. I think JJ thinks it's cool. Of course, I am a cool dad. I hope he understands than when I ground him from his Nintendo DS so I can play it.

He's way ahead of me in the game, so that means I'll have to stay up all night tomorrow night until I catch up with him. If that's not enough, I'm going to have to make him read for two hours on Saturday, and when he's done with that he can clean his room. That will give me plenty of time to catch up, or maybe even get ahead of him.

My daughter? Well, she can watch movies all day. That's the best baby sitter I've ever known. I don't know how dad's got by without that baby sitter all these years. Then again, prior to me most dads probably didn't have jobs that allowed them to spend so much quality time with their kids.

Well, it's still snowing. And, by golly, ER hasn't called me in... 30 minutes now. Wow. I thought Dr. Krane would have called me for a fourth treatment on that man with a cold in room A. Oh well, if she calls me I'm going to smile while I'm giving it, because I know in seven hours I'm going to have a nice stretch off.

Have a good day (night).

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Glenna said...

Have a great day!!

I so relate! After sticking myself with a patient's blood and then nightmare tornado night, I'm thoroughly enjoying my days off.

And you will too!!!!!!