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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The winners and pinheads of hospital life

Some people are really great, and they make life easier for all of us. They are the winners. However, some people make life worse for all of us, and they are the pinheads. Here is a pithy list.

Winners: Dennis Quaid for not suing the nurse and hospital who overdosed their Twins with Heparin. Yes the nurse screwed up, but the Quaids weren't out to destroy them, nor to seek their money. To me that's a classy act.

Pinheads: Baxter Health care Corp for failure to change the labeling on similar looking bottles but different doses of Heparin, even after three kids died from receiving the wrong dose for this reason.

Winners: The few politicians who seek to to put an end to frivolous medical lawsuits.

Pinheads: Politicians who are more intersted in getting re-elected than doing what's right.

Winners: Prescription drug companies for continuously gambling millions of dollars researching for new medicines for today's many illnesses.

Pinheads: Any politician who's out to punish prescription companies for making a profit when they do succeed. They do this sometimes by proposing price controls. This may give the poor cheaper drugs right now, but it would stymie the incentive to risk further money on new drugs, especially considering the cost of a new drug reaching commercialization are 6000 to 1, & costs 10-20 years of research and $15-20 billion.

Winners: Medical workers who keep up on their research.

Pinheads: Medical workers who don't keep up on their research.

Winners: The people who do medical research.

Pinheads: Doctors who believe every study out there, especially the ones done by pharmaceutical companies on their own new drugs. Xopenex rings a bell here. Does it really have fewer side effects as Albuterol. Some new studies say no.

Winners: The makers of Xopenex. Hey, it's a new option, and options are good.

Pinheads: The makers of Xoponex for getting us foolish RTs and DRs to buy their product by way of our stomachs and fancy restaurants.

Winners: Hospitals who give Christmas bonuses.

Pinheads: Hospitals that are cheap at Christmas time.

Winners: RTs who volunteer to work overtime to make life easier for everyone else.

Pinheads: RTs who only help out when it's convenient for themselves.

Winners: People who do the scheduling and put up with all the whiners.

Pinheads: Bosses that require mandatory overtime. I refuse to work for them.

Winners: Volunteers

Pinheads: Greedy bosses

Winners: Fun to work with people.

Pinheads: Complainers.

Winners: Dr's for writing Doctor's orders. You guys are awesome.

Pinheads: Dr's for writing doctors orders. Some of these orders are just plain quacky.