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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Finally I get to be a dad

A day off. Actually, I get the next 6 days off. Ah, this feels nice. It really picked up at work the last two days, which makes having taking time off all the more appreciated.

Even though I work nights, I had to get up at 7:00 this morning because my wife worked last night. She's an OB nurse and she works on my day off. We do this so our kids are always with one of their parents. Nothing like a full swing-like shift. Had to get my kids ready for a soccer game at 8:30. Now, who in there right mind would schedule a soccer game for that time? Probably someone who wants to annoy a night shift RT.

But, like a good dad, I got up bright and early and got my 4 YO to the game on time. They usually play 2 games at the same time as they split the field in half for this age group. Only this day, only my daughters team showed up, with one kid from each of the other teams. We did play, but it was my daughters team against a hodge podge of other kids from various teams.

It's actually funny watching 4 YO's play soccer. Most of the kids, my daughter included, don't care about the game. All they care about is being out there with the other kids and having fun.
After the first game of the year I joked to my friends, "My daughter scored two goals -- for the other team." But she didn't care. She was happy.

Today, however, she scored her first real goal. Her response was no response. The ball went into the goal and it was no big deal. It's neat the 4 YO perspective on things. While parents are on the sidelines screaming for their kids to "kick the ball", or, "don't look at me, pay attention to the game," kids are just playing.

My daughter has a chance to kick the ball into the net. She looks up at me and waves, "Hi daddy." That's the 4 YO perspective on life. While adults are out there making a big deal over nothing, these kids are just out there having fun.

There was one dad whose kid was on the other team. His kid was the little boy who kept scoring a goal every two minutes. "Okay, Troy, that's 2 goals, you only need 4 more." Four minutes later and four goals later by Troy, his dad yells, "Okay, Troy, that's six goals. Now you can let the other kids score."

That's good sportsmanship by Troy's dad (the prick).

There's always one in every crowd.

I just sit there and watch, proud that my daughter is out there giving her all.

We went to McDonalds after the game. Both my kids played on the play area while I sat there and watched. I didn't eat because I'm supposed to be dieting. What a good day I am, hey.

My boy's game was at 11:00. We had to do something to eat this time away (no pun intended), and entertain the kids. They had fun. I had fun watching them.

My boy is 9 YO, and he's getting really good. He even scored a goal today.

It's just nice to be away from work to enjoy life, and I certainly did today.

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Djanvk said...

I feel ya. I'm also a Dad of 4 and my wife is a ER nurse. 2 Weekends ago my 9 and 10 year olds had a swim meet in the morning and I was a timer, I work Nights! But I wouldn't miss it for the world, this meet was both Saturday and Sunday morning, I worked both Friday night and Saturday Night, but we make it work right. Keep being a good dad.