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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dr. Creed: How to deal with Brovana

In light of my post, "So why is Brovana feared by RTs, RT bosses and doctors?," the medical director for Shoreline Medical Center, Dr. Hein Olin, sent a letter to the professor, physician and editor in charge of the Real Physician's Creed, Dr. Ven Tolin, who in turn sent the following letter to Hein Olin.  

To: Dr. Hein Olin
From:  Dr. Ven TolinSent: Thursday, November 15, 2012, 3:50 P.M.Subject: New changes to the Real Physicians Creed

Thank you for your letter of concern regarding that pesky Rick Frea.  He has been nothing but trouble since he started his blog in October of 2007.  His lies about bronchodilators have many of us on the defense as we are receiving letters on a daily basis from respiratory therapists concerned that most of the treatments we order are a wasted of time.  We have made attempts to get his blog off the net, but unfortunately we have failed in our attempts.  If you would fire him that would make our job much easier.  So why don't you just do that?  Of course it's probably too late anyway, as he would just keep "doing what I love to do," as he says on his despicable blog.  

Yet I digress.  Regarding this new medicine called Brovana.  All it is is an attempt by the home care industry to get rid of Albuterol and Duoneb breathing treatments that we feel are necessary.  These home care people are just lazy, and trying to get out of work.  The respiratory therapists who think Brovana can just be given twice a day without any Duoneb in between are using fake science.  Phooey on them.  As we have discussed many times, what feels good and sounds good is much more valuable than science.  So we have decided long ago that it sounds good to give Duoneb to all patients with lung problems, so we will continue onward with this policy.  To change it would make us look like we are indecisive.  I suppose it's for this same reason the President (Bush and now Obama) won't get rid of secretaries who perform poorly.  We agree it would look poorly on them.  

In our 31st edition of the esoteric "Real Physician's Creed" to be released in January of 2013, we will add a new section on Brovana.  We will ignore the fact that Brovana is a fast acting medicine that works similar to the rescue inhaler Albuterol.  We will continue to deny that giving Duoneb at the same time as Brovana is similar to giving two Duoneb treatments at the same time, and not necessary.  We know it is necessary.  It's necessary because it feels good.  Who cares about science?

Yes we will deal with this Brovana nonsense in the new book.  Until then we recommend you simply ignore that evil respiratory therapist Rick Frea. He is nothing but a piddling fool.  
Thankfully I have my sources for getting this information, and I will not reveal my source.  Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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