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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The best Asthma, COPD blogs & websites

The following are all the asthma, COPD, and other chronic lunger blogs and websites on the web that I am aware of, and in no particular order. Keep in mind that theese blogs are written by folks like you and me living with lung diseases, or family members caring for people like us.

Most of the websites were likewise created by folks like you and me with the intent of providing you with information and communities to broaden your wisdom and share your experience.
Here's the list:

Asthma blogs:
  1. Breathin Stephen
  2. The asthma mom
  3. Hold your breath to breathe
  4. I inhale steroids
  5. Life with these lungs
  6. wrong end of stethescope
  7. Coughs & sneezes
  8. Wheezytux
  9. Asthma advocate
  10. Angry asthma mom
  11. Brittle asthma
  12. Catching our breath
  13. Life with brittle asthma
  14. Not all right half left
  15. Asthma Girl
  16. All roads

COPD blogs:

  1. Roxlyn Cole/ /COPD
  3. Spit Happens
  4. A chronic dose
  5. Rare lung mom
  6. Miculka Madness

Other blogs:

  1. Beyond Allergy
  2. Please Don't Pass the Nuts

Other useful websites:

  1. Quit smoking kit
  2. AAAAI - American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology
  3. Asthma Guidelines (National Heart and Lung Institute)
  5. (interstitial lung disease support)
  6. Living with
  7. (asthma blogger)
  8. Spit Happens
  9. COPD Pulmonary Rehab
  10. love your lungs, breathe for life (COPD community)
  11. COPD (COPD blogger)
  12. Stemcellpioneers (stem cell treatments for lung diseases)
  13. Breathing better living well (COPD, chronic disease resource and community)
  14. (Sure, chronic illness can lead to anxiety)
  15. Lung care cure community (lung disease community and resource)
  16. Stop smoking connection/COPD (Source for all your COPD wisdom)
  17. My allergy network (Source for all your allergy wisdom, community)
  18. My asthma central (Source for all your asthma wisdom, community)
  19. (COPD community and great resource, community)
  20. (Great place to learn about any drug on the market)
  21. breathing magazine
  22. Daily Med: Info about meds
  23. COPD Support
  24. Guide to quitting smoking
  25. How to recognize asthma
  26. Allergies and asthma
  27. What is asthma
  28. Allergy notes
  29. Healthtalk/ asthma
  30. COPD support
  31. What is COPD
  32. American Lung Association (all the basic information you need)
  33. Guide to albuterol
  34. National Jewish (the asthma hospital, great information about asthma/COPD)
  35. CPAP, Sleep Apnea, snoring
  36. Arthur – Lesson Plans – Buster’s Breathless
  37. Asthma Action Plan (
  38. Asthma in Schools
  39. Asthma Society of Canada
  40. Battle for the Bronchs
  41. Canadian Lung Association
  42. Recognizing the Severity of Asthma Attacks
  43. Teen Asthma by the Children’s Asthma Education Centre
  45. The Children’s Asthma Education Centre

If I'm missing your blog, or a website you think deserves to be on this list, please leave a note in the comments below and I will it. This is your time to self advertise, or to market your favorite sites.


Bill Justice said...

You may want to consider my blog,

A mixture of opinions, questions and articles about COPD.

Anonymous said...

How about a list for other/rare lung diseases?


Anonymous said...

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kerri said...

thanks for the shout, rick! :)

Rick Frea said...

FYI, you're getting another shout, Kerri! Stay tuned.

kerri said...

Another one?! :)
Way to tell me, now I'll be impatiently waiting ;).

Have a good one! :)

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Genevieve said...

Thanks for adding my blog to your list! We all need to stick together. :)

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