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Saturday, May 16, 2009

17 ridiculous indications for Tylenol

I have long written about bronchodilator abuse. Yet I wonder if perhaps there are other drugs that are abused by the medical profession, at least in hospitals. One drug I suspect would classify in this regard is Tylenol.

I have spent many days in a hospital before, and it seems for every ailment I might have complained of a nurse said, "Well, let me give you a Tylenol."

And more often than not the Tylenol had no effect.

In fact, the other day while I was working I told a nurse a patient was ready for his sleeping pill. The nurse said, "He doesn't have one prescribed, I'll give him a Tylenol."

This is actually something I thought 25 years ago when I was a kid, so as I googled this I was surprised no one else has ever at least blogged about ridiculous uses of Tylenol. Yet as it seems right now, I'm the first to blog about the 2nd most abused drug.

However, giving a pill is a lot less taxing on the wallet than a bronchodilator treatment. In fact, in many cases Tylenol is free. Then again, few besides me report bronchodilator abuse, or any other nosocomial drug abuse for that matter

So, without further adieu, here are the uses for Tylenol:

First the obvious:

  1. Headache
  2. Fever
  3. muscular aches
  4. common cold
  5. toothache
  6. backache
  7. arthritis
  8. menstrual cramps

Now the ridiculous:

  1. insomnia
  2. anxiety
  3. irritable
  4. stress
  5. dyspnea
  6. diarrhea
  7. boredom
  8. hunger
  9. too hot
  10. too cold
  11. coughing
  12. Loneliness
  13. vexation
  14. heartburn
  15. tense (helps you relax so you can sleep better)
  16. insomnia

I don't know about you, but I don't think Tylenol does much for anything. Either way, this is an ongoing list, please feel free to add to it in the comments below.

It's the great American Panacea: if all else fails, take a Tylenol.

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