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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Refresher: There are TWO proper inhaler techniques.

Figure 1
Yesterday I discussed the need to review proper inhaler technique with every patient visit.  Today I would like to remind my fellow RTs that there are more than one proper technique for using an inhaler.

A while ago I watched a doctor use an inhaler using the method shown in figure 1.  Being that I'm the respiratory therapist and it's my job, I made sure to let him know he used the wrong inhaler technique.  Of course the next day I watched him use it again, and he again used the wrong technique.

Later I was reading an article about how to use an inhaler, and the picture on the article was the one in Figure 2.  Many of my RT friends on Facebook were sure to note that the picture showed the improper technique.  I made sure to let my coworkers know that the picture did not show improper technique.

Figure 2
"So why is it wrong?" I asked.

"Because no spacer is used."

I then made it my job to show my fellow RTs that, while using an inhaler with a spacer is the ideal method, it is not the only proper method. Understanding that most people cannot and will not carry a spacer with them, another method must be available.

To get a quick refresher on the two commonly accepted inhaler techniques, check out my post "How to Properly Use An Inhaler."

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