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Friday, October 17, 2014

CDC dumping responsibility on the nurse is just wrong

Compliments of Happy Hospitalist
So a second nurse who worked with Thomas Duncan has been diagnosed with Ebola. Most of you probably already knew that. She needed to get home so she could make some preparations for an upcoming wedding, so she needed to fly from Dallas to Cleveland.

She knew she was in contact with Thomas Duncan, so she called the CDC to get approval to travel by air. She said she had a fever of 99.8 degrees, and because that was under the 100.4 degrees CDC officials say is necessary to diagnose and spread Ebola, they told her it was safe for her to fly.

Now that she has been diagnosed with Ebola CDC officials are blaming her, saying that she lied. So instead of blaming themselves, instead of taking responsibility for their own incompetence, they are blaming the nurse.

It's not the nurses and doctors who are incompetent, it is the people running the CDC who obviously have no clue what they are doing.  Nurses and doctors are ready and prepared to deal with critical situations in the manners in which they are trained.  If they have breached protocol, then it's the protocols that do not work.  They just make up numbers like 100.4, instead of using common sense. The protocols supercede common sense.

People need to realize that these people, the ones running government organizations like the CDC an CMS, are the ones who keep forcing hospitals to do this and to do that, and yet they have no medical experience whatsoever.  They are incompetent at what they are doing.

While CDC officials have said over and over that hospitals are ready for an Ebola patient, recent evidence shows otherwise.  Most hospitals do not have Hazmat suits, and, as Glenn Beck showed, even if CDC protocol is followed, the Ebola virus could easily contaminate nurses and doctors.

Most hospitals are not prepared, and it's not the fault of the hospitals, and not the fault of doctors and nurses.

At the present time there is no outbreak of Ebola in the U.S., only a few isolated incidences. However, the fact two nurses have become infected is evidence enough of the incompetence of the people running the CDC and their protocols.  It shows the idiocracy of their theories.

What we need to realize is that those running the CDC are basically nothing more than philosophers and theorists who sat around all their lives criticizing everything everyone else has accomplished thinking they could do better. But then they get into powerful positions and they force their ideas on healthcare workers thinking healthcare will get better, safer, and less costly.

Yet what we are realizing is that their theories have made medicine worse, less safe, and more costly. We are realizing that their theories do not work, that they are clueless about how to run healthcare, and it's dangerous.

What we need are common sense approaches to healthcare made by nurses and doctors, not philosophers and theorists. We need people with medical knowledge handling the Ebola, not another partisan politician being named Ebola Czar.

This makes me feel much safer, knowing that Ron Klain, who has absolutely no healthcare experience, is the Ebola Czar.  It makes me feel safe that our borders are open and, because we can't offend people, we have to keep them open.

(On a side note here, did you know we already had an Ebola Czar?)

Yet we don't find much common sense in healthcare these days.  Instead we have these theorists and philosophers running important organizations like the CDC during one of the most critical moments in our history.  It is blatantly obvious they have no clue what they are doing.

Now they are being called on their incompetence in allowing this nurse to get on an airplane, and so, instead of taking responsibility for their incompetence, they are blaming the nurse.  It's sad and scary to say the least. 

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