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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What's the most interesting to happen as an RT?

 Your question:  What's the most interesting thing to happen to you as a respiratory therapist?  What's the most interesting thing you've seen?

My answer:  It's probably the witnessing of a person die.  Once I put a breathing treatment on a patient who was awake and alert.  She appeared to fall asleep, and I went to take a respiratory rate: there was no rate.  I closed her eyes and said a prayer. 

Another time I was talking to a 95 year old man, and he said he new my grandparents.  He wanted to tell me a story about my grandparents, but I was in a rush and never heard his story.  An hour later I was called to his room because he was having chest pain.  He said, "I'm glad you came back."  He closed his eyes and died. 

Lesson learned: "Take the time to listen now, because there may not be a tomorrow. 

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