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Monday, August 6, 2012

Your comments are back

You may not even have noticed it, but I somehow managed to lock myself out of my own administration rights on my own blog.  I was able to write and edit, but unable to do anything else, and that included the moderation of your comments.  That was back in May. 

That's right.  Every comment you folks have submitted on the RT Cave since May was left somewhere in the stratosphere.  Today, however, I somehow, miraculously, managed to get my administration rights back.  And the first thing I saw was there were over 80 of your comments sitting there waiting for me.  They are all now submitted, unless your comment was spam.

I'm writing this today not to make myself look like an idiot, but simply to let you know I wasn't ignoring your comments.  I surely didn't want the doctor who wrote the following comment to think I was ignoring him:
Stop trying to make people think your smarter then a dr. Id rather have someone with 12 or more yrs of education making my medical decisions then someone with 2! Do your job RT! !...Ed Er
It's always amazing how comments like that are always from anonymous.  You can read the post he was referring to here if you like.  It's an interesting debate I've been having with physicians.  The idea here goes back to my post I wrote about how smart is not defined by how much education you have, because Lord knows there are people with Harvard degrees who aren't very smart, and there are people with no degrees running successful businesses. 

Either way, I just wanted you to know your comments are up, whether they are nice comments or criticism, and we should now be able to continue our discussions in this arena of ideas.  I hope to respond to your comments in the coming days.  Thanks.  Sorry for any inconvenience. 


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