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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What asthma rescue medicine has fewest side effects?

Your humble question:  What are the current inhaled corticosteroids on the market, and what one would be best for me?

My humble answer:  I'm glad you asked this question because I just answered it yesterday over at my asthma blog.  Click here to get your answer.

Your humble question:  Are there any new rescue medicine that have fewer side effects than Albuterol?  I know it's a good asthma medicine, but sometimes it make my grandma very jittery.

My humble answer:  The only other rescue medicine on the market is levalbuterol, which is marketed as Xopenex.  Some studies show that it works better, lasts longer and has fewer side effects as albuterol, yet other studies show that this is nonsense.  However, it's still something you might want to try.  I'm not sure about the inhaler.  But the 0.63 mg solution is supposed to be equivalent to 0.5cc (2.5mg) of albuterol sulfate.

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