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Sunday, January 15, 2012

God and success

You can disagree with any opinion, yet you cannot disagree with statistics. And every statistic regarding God and success shows that those who believe in God have more successful lives, and have more overall satisfying lives than those who do not believe.

Yes I believe in God. Yet it is also been my belief that even if I did not believe in God I would still raise my children in the world of God; I'd still go to church and have my kids learn about God and Jesus and Christianity. History shows, as the founding fathers new, that individuals function better when they believe in God.

Sure, if you believe in some other God or maybe even the Peanut Butter Ferry or Judas Priest that's fine too. What's important is that kids believe if they are good they will be rewarded in the end of life, and if they are naughty they will be disciplined at the end of their lives.

Likewise, people who are generally good, who live a frugal life and have their priorities in the right place are happier themselves, and they are seen in a more positive light by other people.

I believe this is why the Soviet Union failed, because they tried to get rid of God and religion and churches. The belief here was that in a socialist society, the state is supposed to be the true religion. To benefit all of society, the people are supposed to worship the state. The state knows what's best. The experts in the state know what's best.

It's also why the French Revolution failed, because the french revolution didn't favor the individual, as God would.  God believes all individuals are valuable to a society, including those who disagree with you.  That strong opposing opinions are good for a functioning society.

The French Revolution lead to the bloody slaughter of hundreds because they didn't value the individual.  Those who didn't believe in the revolutionary cause were killed.  It also resulted in the dictator Napoleon.  So as you can see, revolutions don't always result freedom. 

The American Revolution lead to freedom because the founding fathers believed in God, and they believed that the rights of men come from God, and can only be taken away by a government. 

Yet if there's religion, then people will worship the religion. Christianity especially preaches personal freedom, or individual freedom, or individual rights. The Bible preaches that to get to Heaven we must be good on this earth.

People who believe in God live happier lives.  And patients that believe in God are happier patients.  It is my observation that if you have a patient with a life threatening illness, and he or she is in good spirits, chances are that patient is a believer. 

I'm sure that's not always the case, yet as a rule of thumb the most pleasant patients are the ones who believe in God, because just knowing your life will not end when your body expires is somewhat soothing to the mind.

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