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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why are premature baby's at risk for complications

Why are premature baby's at risk for complications:
  1. Large surface area, thin skin, less fat = easy to lose heat. When get hypothermic it stops breathing. So if you have a newborn it's important to make sure you have adequate warmth provided. This should be the #1 goal after you receive a sick baby.
  2. Immature tissues sensitive to effects of oxygen
  3. Weak muscles make it hard to breath
  4. Immature nervous system makes it hard to breath
  5. Surfactant deficiency (especially in premature infants)
  6. Immature immune system = increased risk of infection
  7. Fragile capillaries in brains may rupture
  8. Small blood volume increases effects of hypovolemia
  9. Oxygen can be toxic even to term babies. Do not overoxygenate.

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