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Saturday, September 26, 2009

RT Care Week Coming October 25-31, 2009

The last week of October is Respiratory Care Week. Not that it's a big deal, but there has only been one year since I've been an RT that this event has been celebrated, and that was a year we did it ourselves.

Nursing week is celebrated every year. The nurses have never planned the event, as this is done by the admins. Sometimes the festivities are simple, and sometimes there are games and freebies handed out.

With all due respect, however, sometimes the RN Week celebrities include us RTs.

It's not what is done that matters. It's that something IS done. It's showing respect for the profession. It's giving acknowledgement. It's saying, "We know you work hard. We respect you."

Being on the backseat of patient care, we RTs usually work in the background, we provide advice to RNs, work as part of the patient care team to the benefit of the patient, and usually take no credit. We are fine by this. It's how we work.

Yet when we RTs get a basket of goodies from a patient, or even a simple card, we appreciate it perhaps even more so than other professions who get special attention and appreciation on a regular basis.

RT Care week for 2009 will be October 25-31. Whether or not your hospital will be celebrating this occasion, we will here at the RT Cave.

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Keller said...

just found your blog - love it!! I can't wait to dive into some of the education links and check out the chest sheets fully!!!
On the topic of RT week, I totally agree. I am in charge of organizing RT week 2009 at my hospital. I am but a frontline RT. Our best perk of RT week comes when the homecare company sends us candy. Sad when the only love we receive is paid for...