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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Layoff's at Shoreline Medical

Recently at Shoreline Medical there have been about 30 direct patient care positions eliminated, either by attrition or actual lay-offs. Of course the resulting outcry from staff and community is loud and outraged. But I have another view of these events.

Over the years I have observed many area hospitals of all sizes experience large lay-offs, closings and mergers. With the declining re-imbursement of medicaid and medicare and many for-profit insurers who follow that lead, hospitals are struggling.

Here at Shoreline, administration deserves kudo's for their financial stewardship. For the first time in the twenty five years I have worked here, we are experiencing the financial crush that makes these layoffs necessary. We are not closing our doors, we are not (at least at this time) merging or being purchased by a for profit corporation.

It took a major recession coupled with all the huge re-imbursement cuts before we also had to make staffing cuts. This speaks for the commitment and expertise of our hospital administration. With their guidence Shoreline Medical survives to keep on providing the competant caring service that we always have provided to our community.

I remain a proud Shoreline Medical employee. Jane Sage

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