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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

I don't think New Years Day is the day to start resolutions, as half the country is out working. Well, aside for us dads who have to stay home with their wife and kids. Or all you RTs who are stuck working this evening.

Well, I'm not starting my New Years resolution until the 5th of January because I have a birthday to celebrate in the coming week. Until then I'm going to simply enjoy some days off work, because Lord knows I deserve them.

What's the point of New Years resolutions anyway? How many people actually stick with them? Most years I don't make resolutions because most of the things I might want to do as a resolution I try to do all year, like keep in shape -- something I do better than most people yet struggle with as all of you guys probably do.

So, that said, this year I have no choice but to make a resolution. I'll reveal it tomorrow, and you guys can compete with me. Until then (lift glass, touch glasses 'cling') Happy New Years!

Have a great and safe New Year.


Trauma Junkie said...

Happy New Year. I don't understand New Year's Resolutions either, but I'm sure I'll make one.

Anonymous said...

My New years resolution is to see Israel beat the crap out of Hamas! Boo Freaken Hoo for Hamas, and the Palestinians,and the rest of these Arabs!!! Lets remember 9-11 and these people dancing in the streets!