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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A dose of normal patients tonight

I don't know if I'm just in a good mood or what, but my patients are actually really interesting to talk to tonight. I had five 10 p.m. breathing treatments, and I got into a lengthy discussion with each one.

I guess what I got tonight was a dose of normalcy. I had some normal patients as opposed to a bunch of dementia patients or people so sick they don't want to communicate.

Tonight, however, my patients were intelligent and interesting:

Patient #1 was watching the Tigers and we got into a neat discussion about what the Tigers need to do to be an improved team next year.

Patient #2 was a police officer who simply had the bum luck to get pneumonia. He was watching a show where people were tasing each other. He told me that as part of police training the officers have to be shocked with a taser.

He said, "It's something you never want to have done twice. When you get hit with the prongs you go down like a falling rock. It's not fun."

He said he has rarely used one, but there are a few losers who leave you no choice but to use it. Some officers, he said, use it way too much.

Patient #3 was an asthmatic, and he talked about what a bad asthmatic he was when he was a kid. He said it wasn't until he "cured myself from myself that I got my asthma under control."

Being an asthmatic myself, I had trouble removing myself from that room.

So, all my patients are normal tonight. It's a wonderful break for the RT Cave RT.

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