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Friday, February 15, 2008

Burnout meter near empty

Nothing like a nice, long and warm and sunny Florida vacation to empty out the burnout meter. As of this moment, the meter is three quarters of the way empty.

Well, normally after an entire week Florida you'd think the burnout meter would be completely wiped clear to zero, but my feet are still aching after two long days at Disney and today at Universal.

It was fun, especially seeing the smiles these past few days have placed on my children's faces, but, as most of you guys probably well know, sometimes even vacations can be a lot of work.

Tomorrow is our last day here in Florida, and we're planning on doing nothing but sitting around relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. It's projected to be in the 80s.

Considering the weather was so bad at Shoreline that school was cancelled twice this week, we're going to enjoy it all the more.

On the day we arrived in Fla last Saturday my wife's sister called and reported that it was -4 degrees back home. And, while it was only 42 degrees yesterday morning here, we still wore shorts.

But, hey, we're from Michigan, and we can handle it. And there's no way we're going all the way to Fla and not wearing shorts.

Even on that 42 degree morning it warmed up to 70 by noon, and that was the coldest it got. Great weather here, people. We're thinking we'd like to move here.

What were our ancestors thinking settling in Michigan? You ever think of that? Why your ancestors didn't settle someplace warm year round?


The Anonymous Therapist said...

Isn't it great to be walking around in shorts and flip-flops in February? As much as I miss living up north sometimes, there are a lot of amenities to living down here. Feel free to drop by Sunny Flats and say howdy while you're here.

The Anonymous Therapist said...

Oh yeah, and enjoy the vacation. Can't believe I forgot that part.

Freadom said...

This turned out to be the best day of the vacation. We sat at the pool, absorved some rays, and, well, we're still sitting around the screen room enjoying the cool breeze at the end of a perfect day.

Too bad this vacation couldn't go on.

Lucky said...

Yes. My ancestors made some poor decisions. I'm stuck here cause my wife is in med school for the next decade at Wayne State.