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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My bad luck

I think I jinxed myself all this talk about being a patient, because I am one right now. I'm bored out of my mind, so I snuck out of my room to the RT cave. The worst part about being in the hospital is when you feel better and you still have to stay here "one more night."

All last weekend when I was working I wasn't feeling the best, and before I left work Monday morning I was really feeling miserable. The ER staff complained that I was taking too long to get down there, but I just didn't feel like rushing down there.

Little did I know this little bacteria decided to settle in my Duodenum and cause a bleed there. No wonder I was feeling so miserable, all this blood was filling up my stomach, and when I woke up on Monday it all came out both ends -- frank blood.

I wabbled into ER, bipased the front desk and triage because I work here and I can, and I said, "I need a stat IV and something to keep me from puking."

Well, here I sit all day, perfectly fine, watching TV all day. My Hemoglobin is hanging around 9.0, so my doctor won't let me go home. My kids weren't too thrilled about that. Neither was I, to be honest.

"How the hell did I get that?" I asked the doc.

"Just luck of the draw," he said.

"You mean bad luck," I said.

Well, I get spoiled here anyway. More later.


mielikki said...

that just sucks. Eat all the jello you can (but not the red ones) while they hold you hostage.

Terry at Counting Sheep said...

Whoa! Sorry to hear that. Take it easy and use the time to regroup. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Glenna said...

Oh so sorry! That does really suck! Hope you're back on your feet working and not being an inmate (haha) soon!