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All of the following articles were written by John Bottrell

End Stage COPD:
  1. How chronic bronchitis affects the lungs
  2. How the heart and lungs work together
  3. 10 ways COPD affects the heart
  4. Common COPD co-morbidities
  5. The Natural Progression of COPD
  6. Understanding Oxygen and Oxygen Levels
  1. COPD flare-up causes
  1. 10 tips to live an active life with COPD
  2. 6 tips to help you quit smoking
  1. What not to say to end stage COPDers
  2. What is a COPD treatment plan?
  3. 10 popular COPD medicine
  4. What to expect in the emergency room
  5. Combination therapy may improve your COPD
  6. Soaring cost of COPD inhalers
  7. Is it okay to use expired COPD medicine
  8. What is Rescue Medicine?
  9. What is Controller Medicine?
  10. 10 tips to help you afford your COPD medicine
  11. How to get help paying for medicine and doctor visits
  12. CPAP -vs- BiPAP: What to know
  13. Do You Need Oxygen Therapy?
  1. Oxygen and COPD: Debunking the Hypoxic Drive Myth (Advance for RT interview with me)
  2. Obamacare may benefit COPD patients
  3. 11 COPD Advancements to be thankful for
Living with COPD: