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Monday, November 5, 2018

My Health Insurance Company Called Again!

Those dog gone suckers just won't leave me alone. My health insurance company, that is. They called me for the 4th time to talk to me about talking to a pharmacist to review my medicine.

I actually tried to be nice this time. So, I just said, "Why do I need it?"

To be honest, I think me asking this threw the person off her script. She didn't know what to say.

After a long pause, I said, "I already talk to my doctor about my medicine. Why do I need to talk to a pharmacist."

"Well," she said, "It's nice just to have your medicine reviewed by a second person."

I said, "Why would I need that. Like I have said every other time someone has told me I need to review my medicine. I already review my medicine with my doctor. I'm also a respiratory therapist. What more is there for me to gain?"

Once again I threw her off script. And, allow me to add again that I tried to be very pleasant with my tone. I was a nice boy. I was hoping to get a good answer that satisfied me. I was hoping she would tell me that it was required or something. But she didn't.

She just said, "Sorry to bother you." She pleasantly hung up. Unlike the last time they called. That lady abruptly hung up on me. They probably think I"m a jerk. They fail to see why this would be annoying to me.

Keep in mind this happens every year. My insurance company calls me. My pharmacist bugs me every time I go to pick up a prescription. Like, this gets annoying.

This leaves aside my other frustrations with my insurance company. Like, I used to be able to get prescriptions filled when I needed them. Now they limit me to one a month no matter what?

So, what if my Symbicort gets lost? For the past 30 years I've always had spare inhalers. Now I can only have one. So, what if I lose it.  I ask that rhetorically, because i know the answer.

In fact, I think I know what I"m going to say the next time they call me (which will probably be next week). If I answer the phone, I'm going to say, "I will talk to your pharmacist if you allow me to get an extra Symbicort. If I lose one then at least I have a spare."

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