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Monday, July 9, 2018

Asthma Billing Code: J45

Your Question. My best friend's doctor told her that she has:j45.9 unspecified asthma. She's never heard of that type before and could not find useful information about it. I remembered this blog and the useful answer you gave me in the past, so I thought I would ask you. What does this type of asthma mean?

My Answer.  What is this unusual asthma type? J45 is the official billing code for asthma. J45.9 basically means it's unspecified. That basically means your doctor is billing for asthma but didn't list anything specific about it. It's what's officially called an ICD-10 Code.

This is not a subgroup or anything like that. It's just for billing purposes. It's a code your doctor enters into the system so the office gets paid by the insurance company or Medicare.  Here is a link if you're interested. 

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