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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Bronchodilatoraholic

I first heard the term bronchodilatoraholic from fellow asthmatic and friend, Stephen Gaudet.  He mentioned it in one of his blog posts at I think the general definition was initially intended to refer to asthmatics who rely heavily on bronchodilators.  My publisher, on the other hand, defined it as asthmatics who abuse their inhalers.

So this was my first disagreement I had with my publisher.  I insisted that being dependent on, and abusing, are two different things.  In the end, especially considering I was new to the business at the time, she won. The term bronchodilator became synonymous with depended on and abuser of inhalers. 

Regardless, the term was one of 11 types of asthmatics.  You can also read about my confession: Confessions of a recovering bronchodilatoraholic.  You can also learn how to spot a bronchodilator, although you'll have to be vigilant, because often they surreptitiously puff.  And if you do find yourself puffing frequently, you are not alone

John Bottrell had long overused (and sometimes abused) his quick-relief asthma inhalers, joining the ranks of asthmatics known as bronchodilatoraholics. Find out how he broke the habit. Illustrated by Dash Shaw. (Originally published at

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