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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Unreasonable Nurses

By far, the worse part of being a respiratory therapist is when nurses tell to do something that you don't believe is necessary, and, worse, they say it in a mean, arrogant, and condescending tone. The tone says: "I am the boss and you do as I say."

I hate that. If anything, that's the opposite way to get me to do something. If I don't agree with a nurse, and the nurse is nice, then I'm way more likely to give in and happily do what they want me to do. I do this many times to keep the peace. I am a peacekeeper.
Basically, the tone is along the following lines:
  1. "This is my patient, and you will do things my way."
  2. "You're a professional.  There's no reason you can't just...(fill in task)."
  3. "Don't be telling the patient they have a right to refuse."
  4. "Don't tell the patient the breathing treatment won't treat pneumonia.  Then I just have to explain how it does.  It makes my job harder."
I think the major reason for conflict between me and these nurses is that I use common sense, and they refuse to reason. Yes, that's it: these nurses are unreasonable. They blow up and act like little babies when they are faced with adversity. Then they go to your boss and tell them that you are the problem.

GRRRR, they are so frustrating.  You're just relaxing and trying to enjoy your life, and these nurses cause trouble, and then they blame you for it.  

Solution: I know you shouldn't let these people get to you, but it's very hard. And then you have to work with these people on a regular basis, and they cause you to dread going to work. You know there's one of these nurses where you work.
Thankfully they are not very common. Even their fellow nurses don't care for them. And, to be fair, I'm sure there are respiratory therapists, doctors, and even bosses, who are likewise unreasonable. In the scheme of things, we usually have to learn to deal with them, as opposed to the other way around.


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