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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Respiratory Tolerance

Respiratory Tolerance: It's when you know a doctor, nurse, respiratory therapist, administrator, or politician is wrong and you let that person go on being wrong out of fear of alienating important people, or out of fear of losing your job.  It's respecting what is perceived as ignorance in order to keep the peace.

It's when you know all the facts are on your side, yet it's not worth the risks to educate at this time.  It's when you don't believe the risks of educating, debating and arguing are worth the benefits of doing so.

It's when you do what you are told to the best of your ability, even when you know what you are doing is frivolous and pointless.  It's when humility reigns over you and you realize it's best simply to do as instructed.

The key to respiratory tolerance is the subject in reference must involve something considered to be harmless to the patient.  For example, many times we have heard the following expression regarding respiratory therapies: "It can't hurt."

It-Can't-hurt:  These three words are a definition in and of themselves.  When people say things like "It can't hurt" as the justification for doing something with no justification, they are closing their eyes to the big picture and only seeing what is right before their eyes.

They see the respiratory therapist giving the treatment.  What they don't see is that the respiratory therapist is getting burned out as a result of these "it can't hurt" therapies.  What they don't see are the unintended consequences, such as the exhorbitant cost to the hospital, insurance company, and government.

Respiratory tolerance is letting all this pass.  I would say letting it pass so long as no one is getting hurt.  Yet, the undeniable truth is, even when it appears no one is getting hurt, someone IS getting hurt, either spiritually or financially.  

However, tolerance in no way means acceptance.  Just because we do as told and keep our mouths shut, does not mean that we will not judge; does not mean we will not question authority.  Of course such inactive action is in itself frivolous and pointless.

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