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Sunday, September 29, 2013

This is who I am to a tee

Here's my personality to a tee:

Peaceful Phlegmatic:  The watcher:
  • Easy Going:  I got written up once for being too relaxed at a code
  • Quiet:  I speak only when there's something worth saying (although I do fail on occasion)
  • Comfortable clothing: Large and loose.  Comfort comes before looks.
  • Light on their feet:  Never wear coats, boots, pads, etc.  
  • Blends in:  Humble, and don't like being in the spotlight
  • Steady worker: I get my work done and do it well (yet I do cut corners)
  • Flexible:  I don't care when I work, and am more than eager to come in when called.  
  • Steady:  Keep going forward
  • Reliable:  Will get it done in a timely manner
  • Consistent:  Will do it the same every time 
  • Curious: Always thinking and looking for new answers
  • Observant: They look, they see, but they do not speak
  • Empathetic: They care about people's feelings
  • Good listener:  I'm all ears. Would rather listen to you than hear me.
  • Calm:  Again, I've been written up for being too calm.
  • Witty:  I'm pretty much as my blog might indicate.
  • Kind:  Easy to get along with
  • Has few enemies: I even get along with the arrogant and condescending
  • Low Key: Humble
  • Dislikes change:  Hate it.  I just want to keep things the way they are.  I'm very conservative.
  • Uninvolved:  I come up with ideas, but it's up to others to sell them.  
  • Avoids conflict at all costs: Conflict to me is trying to keep all the people in my life happy.  Sometimes I can't keep both my boss happy at the same time as my wife, because one wants me to work, and the other wants me to be home with the kids.
  • Super stubborn when pushed:  Very much so.  I hate stupidity.
  • Hard to get moving: Yes, I put relaxation, sleep and recharging before doing things that are monotonous, like frivolous breathing treatments, cleaning up after the kids, etc. I am very hard to get motivated.  Although, once I act, I do a great job. Funny thing is, when I attend meetings I generally vote not to change anything. 
Emotional needs:
  • Peace and quiet:  I sacrifice sleep every morning and get up at 5 a.m. so that I can get my 2 hours of peace and quiet.  This is my recharge time.  
  • Feelings of worth:  I just want people to show that they respect me.
  • Lack of stress:  I say all the time I hate stress.  If any change is going to amount to any degree of stress, than I am all against it.  
  • Sleep:  Most people like me are teased because we are seen as big sleepers.  I do not sleep well, but I must get plenty of it in order to prevent stress.
  • Respect for who they are:  I expect this a lot.  Generally, any conflict in my life resolves around this.  
Truly, there's not much else to say about me.  However, you'd have to add that I'm a thinker, creative, and I like to be organized (although not at the expense of relaxation).  These other traits, however, come from my secondary personality: melancholy. Melancholy people tend to be creative and thinkers. 

I cannot change who I am.  I think the most difficult thing for any young person is learning who they are, and then accepting who they are.  This is me.  Respect it.

Recommended read: Personality Plus by Florence Littauer

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1 comment:

Veronica said...

My employer is really big on using personality testing to help with team building- though we use Insights.

I was skeptical, but it really was remarkable how much learning to understand and respect my team helped me to be more effective in my own role. Similarly, learning to recognize and accept my own strengths/failings was one of the more valuable lessons I've learned in my adult life.