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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Myth buster: B2 agonists will benefit patients with RSV/bronchiolitis

I have now updated my post "15 myths of respiratory therapy" to now include 16 myths of respiratory therapy.  I have added the following: 

 B2 agonists will benefit patients with RSV/ bronchiolitis:  According to guidelines set forth by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, beta 2 bronchodilators (which includes ventolin and xopenex) are not recommended for the routine treatment of bronchiolitis (RSV).  Studies show B2 agonists will work if asthma is a component, however, but not for pure RSV/bronchiolitis.  Racemic epinephrine has been shown in some studies to work, so this can be trialed.  What has been proven beneficial is nasal suctioning.  One of the main reasons for low sats and dyspnea is increased secretions and the inibility to expectorate, and thus suctioning (ideally with a Booger-B-Gone) is beneficial.  To view the guidelines, which are based on the latest research and studies, you can click here.
Actually, I think I'm up to 17 myths now.  You can view those myths by clicking here

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